Christmas Lights on bushes, hedges and trees

Christmas Lights on bushes, hedges and trees

Shrubs and trees are perfect objects when you rig your garden with Christmas lights or winter lights outdoors. It offers many creative possibilities for lighting up your garden with Christmas lighting.

Christmas lights on bushes

On smaller bushes, it is great to have a Ne Light spread out across the bush. Light nets come in different sizes to suit different bushes and shrubs. The Net Lights are connectable and can be used in many shapes and forms. 

Christmas lighting on trees

Trees can be decorated in several different ways. If you have a larger tree, we recommend hanging Christmas decorations for maximum effect. Some LED figures comes in both 2D and 3D designs and can be connected together for easy power supply. Hanging Christmas LED decorations gives a great atmosphere and give larger trees a magical, mystical feeling that is fantastic.

Another way to decorate both large and small trees is by using connectable String Lights around the trunk and up the largest branches. This gives great effect and the tree becomes a design element in itself. The light strings can be connected together in a system so that you only need one power supply. You can decide for yourself how tightly you fasten the string of lights. Be sure to create a certain symmetry when decorating the largest branches.

A beautiful tree

A final way is to use light grids on trees. We'll let the last picture speak for itself. Outdoor Christmas lighting is just amazing!

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