Light up - Winter Lights outside

Light up - Winter Lights outside

Winter lights

Although we at Santa's Light Shop have an extra fondness for outdoor Christmas lights, with all motifs Christmas has to offer, we recognize that perhaps not everyone is as big of a Christmas fan as we are.

We therefore salute everyone who would rather have winter lights than Christmas lights. What are the difference? That is up to you to decide for yourself. But for us we see outdoor winter lights as more toned down lighting outside without Christmas motifs. String lights, Icicle lights and so forth can create great atmosphere all winter long. The two can of course be combined. Perhaps you start early with winter lights, add Christmas LED motifs as the holiday is closing in and then remove the Christmas lights after New year day but keep your winter lights hanging.


The advantage of winter lights is the pleasure of a longer period of lighting outdoors. Especially after the Christmas celebrations, the winter lights can stay on for much longer. One idea might be to design your outdoor Christmas lighting in such a way that you can easily adjust to winter lights after the Christmas celebration. You can do that, for example, in a way where you think 'object-based' when you decorate.

Nice winter lighting options are, for example, bushes, trees and lights around windows. These design elements can easily be combined with LED figures in December. In the trees, you can also use stars, hearts and ornaments. With a little planning, you'll decorate outside in a way that allows you to easily add and remove the most Christmassy motifs whenever you want.

We cheer for everyone lighting up winter lights when it's dark outside!


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