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Bell 57x66 cm - Outdoor LED Christmas Lights

Bell 57x66 cm - Outdoor LED Christmas Lights

For both the first timer and the experienced user

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Outdoor LED Motif - Christmas Bell

Three color Christmas decoration

This beautiful bell in warm white, red and green is the prefect LED motif for both the first time shopper for Christmas lights and the experienced decorator.

Outdoor Christmas lights create a fantastic Christmas atmosphere and this beautiful LED Christmas bell is one of our best sellers. The  bell is a beautiful and classical Christmas design. The LED motif is easy to hang on the wall and can either be used as a standalone Christmas light or as part of a larger Christmas light design outdoors.

Technical information

230V - 50Hz. Max 20W
Power cord: 3 meter detachable. Black
LED-colors: Warm white, green og red
Number of LED: 170
Size: H:57 cm B: 66 cm
IP 44

The Christmas lights can be used outdoors. The cord is black and three meters long for easy connection to the nearest power outlet. The cord is detachable and you can buy other lengths separately at Santa's Light Shop. The LED motif can be connected with other lights from our online store. If you want to connect several Christmas lights from Santa's Light Shop use connection cables and T-connectors from the accessories category.

Key features:

  • Great and manageable size 
  • Plug and play
  • Bright colors
  • Classical design
  • Easy to use

The LED Motif can also be combined with other Christmas light figures from Santa's Light Shop. However, make sure that you do not exceed Max 130W in total on the connected figures. Max W per Christmas light can be found in the technical description.


Unbox and remove the product from the packaging before use.
The item can be used outdoors.
Use only power cords and connectors from or
When connecting this item with other products from or, make sure that the connection is sufficiently tightened together and that the anti-water unit attaches properly over the connection.

Technical Information:
Voltage:  230V - 50Hz. Max 28W 
Power cord: 3 meter and detachable
You can combine this product with other LED motifs from or
Youcan only connect products to a total of Max 130W. You find the total Max W by adding up the max W per product. The total Max W number must not exceed 130W.

1. This is an electrical product and not a toy.
2. Keep this product away from children.
3. This product is not intended as a permanent lighting source.
4. If damage to the light source occurs, the product must no longer be used. The product must then be replaced and disposed of as EE waste.
5. The bulbs cannot be replaced. When the light sources are approaching the end of their expected lifetime, the entire item must be replaced.
6. No part of the cord can be replaced. If the cord or other parts of the product break, the product must be disposed of as EE waste.
7. The product is for indoor and outdoor use.
8. Do not hang the product by the power cord.
9. Take the product down after Christmas. Store it indoors and dry until next Christmas.


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