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Icicle lights outdoor - 5 meter warm white.

Icicle lights outdoor - 5 meter warm white.

Popular Christmas Lights - Connectable Outdoor Icicle Lights

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Continue to light up Christmas all over Europe!

All products are in stock and ready to ship!

Make your Christmas light display even more amazing

Add some holiday cheer to your home with this Icicle Sling. These incredible 280 LED icicle lights are perfect for decorating your home during the Christmas season! They are 5 meters long and can be easily slung over tree branches, doorways, or any other area that needs some holiday cheer. Plus, the light link feature means you can connect up to icicle slings sets together for even more festive fun! This icicle sling is not only very beautiful and strong but also very functional. It is made from high-quality material with IP44 waterproofing which can be used to light the area outside. 

Key Highlights

Weather Resistant: LED Icicle sling Christmas lights are less likely to be damaged by rain, snow, and frost.

Energy Savings: Compared with traditional light bulbs, Icicle sling Christmas lights consume far less electricity and heat and last for a long time.

Safety: Unlike other kinds of bulbs, which can cause fires due to high temperatures and electrical sparks, our Icicle sling LEDs are more safe.

Convenient to Use: Our Icicle sling Christmas lights have an excellent long life, low maintenance, and high efficiency. They can be used outdoors, indoors, and in parking lots, so they are very suitable for large areas.

Decorate your house: LEDs can be installed into your house, and their color is adjustable. It will give you a warm glow and will bring you the joy of the holiday.


The Christmas lighting is supplied with a black detachable power cord of 3 meters. If you want a longer cord, you can buy it separately at Santa's Light Shop. The LED Motif can also be combined with other Christmas light figures from Santa's Light Shop. However, make sure that you do not exceed Max 130W in total on the connected figures. Max W per Christmas light can be found in the technical description.

Use our T-connectors and connector cable to connect our products together. Each product will say if it is connectable or not.

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