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3D LED Heart - Christmas Light Motif

3D LED Heart - Christmas Light Motif

Connectable red LED hearts in 3D

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Continue to light up Christmas all over Europe!

All products are in stock and ready to ship!

Red 3D LED Heart - 36x32 cm 

This beautiful Christmas Light is one of our best sellers. The Red 3D LED Heart measures 36x32 cm and is the perfect decoration for you tree outside. You can connect multiple hears using our T-connector and connecting cables.

Illuminate your space with the romantic glow of our Red 3D LED Heart. Measuring 36x32 cm, this captivating heart-shaped decoration adds a touch of warmth and love to any setting, making it perfect for the holiday season or any special occasion.

1. **Romantic Design**: The beautifully crafted 3D heart shape brings a sense of depth and dimension, creating a stunning visual effect that captures the essence of love and affection.

2. **Vibrant LED Illumination**: Featuring bright red, energy-efficient LED lights, this heart shines with a vivid and consistent glow, making it a standout piece in any décor.

3. **Versatile Decoration**: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, this LED heart is perfect for adding a touch of romance to your home, garden, or special event.

Celebrate love and light with our Red 3D LED Heart. Whether for Valentine's Day, Christmas, or any heartfelt celebration, this enchanting decoration will spread warmth and joy to all who see it.

Technical Information:
Voltage:  230V - 50Hz.
Max 8W.
Power cord: 1,5 meter detachable power cord.
The product can be connected together. Use T-connectors and power cords only from or
Our products can only be connected together to a total of Max 130W. You find the total Max W by adding up the max W per product. The total max W must not exceed Max 130W.
IP 44


•    This is an electrical product and not a toy.
•     Keep this product away from children.
•     This product is not intended as a permanent lighting source.
•    If damage to the light source occurs, the product must no longer be used. The product must then be replaced and disposed of as EE waste.
•     The bulbs cannot be replaced. When the light sources are approaching the end of their expected lifetime, the entire item must be replaced.
•    No part of the cord can be replaced. If the cord or other parts of the product break, the product must be disposed of as EE waste.
•    The product is for indoor use.
•    Do not hang the product by the power cord.
•    Take the product down after Christmas. Store it indoors and dry until next Christmas.

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